About Little Dreamers

Welcome to Little Dreamers. We are three girls on a mission to help children in need, with the help of warm hearted people and our teacher we hope to make the lives of these children much better. To do this we stared and organization which helps to raise money and collect items doe these children called Little Dreamers. This organization started when I (Ly) was talking to Erin about why we aren't happy for what we have. The conversation went on, then Erin said, "I wish we could raise money or do something to help them."  Everything started after that, we told Kaelin she was definitely  sure she wanted to help us too.  We talked to our teacher, she said it was a good idea that we wanted to do this and that she'll support us 100% she'll also help us.  At first we thought we were just a bunch of 13 year olds, what can we do to help these children. After reading stories about children our age maybe even younger helping and raising money for these children and our teacher supporting us, we thought maybe this is what we can do. We decided that if we were going to do this we have to put 100% of our effort into helping them. We usually don't stick to everything we try to do, but this is something that will help others, it won't even have to have a reward or benefit for us. What we want is big smiles that to us is already rewarding enough. We're not going to give up until we make these children smile.  Motivation: Big = Big smiles
Note: If you still don't get what we are doing, basically we are raising money by selling recyclables to the recycling place to get money to buy school supplies for the children in Africa. If you want to donate, we we won't take money. We will take school supplies, stuffed animals, and cards though. The stuffed animals are for the children in the Oakland Children's Hospital.